No matter your current fitness level or condition, a training program can be designed for you.  Together, we will assess your goals and take into consideration any injuries, diseases, or disorders you may have to develop a personalized plan to suit your needs.



Working one-on-one with a personal trainer can help to obtain your goals, whether it be to lose weight, build lean muscle, increase flexibility, motivation, accountability, learn new techniques, or learn a new training option other than the traditional training, such as TRX or kettlebells. With both your trainer and yourself focused on your goals, your chances for success are much higher than going through this process alone. Your training will take you through a progressive training regimen that is specifically designed for you, because everyone is unique and requires a different training routine.  We aim to help build a stronger you.



My fitness journey started over 10 years ago after having our 5th child. I was at my heaviest weight and decided to take back my life. I hired a personal trainer at the YMCA in Wichita.  He turned my life around mentally and physically. My body transformed by lifting weights, adding cardio, and making healthier diet choices everyday. Strength became my new passion. I then decided to become a personal trainer. I wanted to change lives the way my trainer and others did for me along the way. I was employed by the YMCA for approximately 7 years. During that time I earned my StrongFirst Level 1 kettlebell certification in Chicago. July of 2015 my friend and I moved forward from the YMCA and opened our own gym called 'BeStrong Training.

My Certifications:

  • StrongFirst Level 1 Kettlebell 

Early 2015 a friend had told me about Paul McIlroy and his Amazing12 week physique program that originated in Ireland and was just new to the U.S. After seeing all the results and doing more research, I was inspired and thought it would be something new and exciting to bring to our gym, and the 1st of its kind to Wichita.  It also allowed me to use my certification with StrongFirst to incorporate kettlebell movements into the Amazing 12 program. The program helps you discover new strengths about yourself you never thought possible. All done safely and in good form. I became the1st Amazing 12 coach in Kansas in August of 2016. My goals and my passion is to pay everything forward in all that I have learned helping others building stronger minds, stronger bodies, and confidence….one person at a time.



I started my fitness journey approximately 9 years ago, when I hired a personal trainer at the YMCA.  At that time, I was my heaviest at 275 pounds. I had tried “diet” after “diet”. I would lose 30 pounds, just to gain back 50. I had basically given up on losing weight and being healthy. After hiring my trainer, I decided I would give it an honest try. I decided I needed to make a lifestyle change.  Day by day, the weight came off, I became stronger, and ate healthier. I lost a total of 115 pounds.  After losing the weight, I decided I wanted to help people make their own lifestyle change, and decided to study to become a personal trainer I worked for the Northwest YMCA for 6 years as a personal trainer, and ran a successful weight loss program. In July of 2015, my partner and I opened BeStrong Training. 

My Certifications:


  • PN1 

  • Box N Burn Level 1 

  • StrongFirst Kettlebell 

As a co-owner of BeStrong Training, I am here to educate, teach, motivate, and encourage clients to reach any goal he or she may desire, whether it be weight loss or gain strength, and will put together a progressive program specifically designed for you if you choose to participate in one on one personal training.I believe that living a healthy lifestyle is a way of life, and that it is accomplished through diet and exercise. I believe there are no limits, but the ones we place on ourselves. Movement is change. Change is life. Movement is change of life. I coach one on one personal training, group training, bootcamps, and boxing at BeStrong Training. I personally train with a professional boxing coach twice a week.